Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Prayer for Holy Week

Michael Christman illustration for Coming Out to God.

You washed our feet, Jesus.
At first we objected,
but you made it clear that to be part of you
we need first to receive your gifts
and serve others the same way.

You gave us bread and wine, Jesus.
We took it for granted,
not realizing what it meant to you,
how it meant flesh and blood,
unity with you and with one another
and salvation for the world.

You said we would betray and deny you, Jesus.
“Not me!” we each cried,
but we all did
in our own way,
leaving you to face your destiny alone.

You asked us to pray with you, Jesus.
We fell asleep
and missed sharing your anguish,
not being compassionate to the Compassionate;
then they took you from us.

You continue to love us, Jesus.
We object, we take it for granted,
we betray and deny you,
and sleep
instead of pray.

Forgive us, Jesus,
for we know not what we do.

From Coming Out to God (Day 52) by Chris Glaser, 1991, Westminster John Knox Press.

Coming Out to God: Prayers for Lesbians and Gay Men, Their Families and Friends was dedicated to those I knew who were living with or had lived with HIV/AIDS and became especially popular in the HIV/AIDS community. A friend who was an artist, who subsequently succumbed to AIDS, provided the cover design and the interior illustrations for the book. I love that his name was “Christ-man”: Michael Christman.

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  1. "Coming Out to God" helped me through some rough years in the 90'ies living with hiv. I still turn to your prayers now and then.

    Thanx a lot - from Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Preben :-)

    1. You've made my day! Thank you! I hope to hear more from you again at your convenience.