Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If We Were a Christian Nation...

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Apologies to those from other countries who read this blog (although you might like what follows!), but I have been pondering what the U.S. would be like if we actually practiced what Jesus taught. I believe that if we followed Jesus as some Americans claim we do or should:

* Those of other faiths and agnostics and atheists would be welcome.
* There would not be a one percent and ninety-nine percent economic divide.
* Politicians, religious leaders, bosses, and schoolmates would not bully others.
* Everyone would have access to marriage.
* Equal opportunities would exist for education and employment.
* Universal healthcare coverage would not be contested.
* We would not be at war.
* Congress would work.
* Preventing and treating AIDS, poverty, hunger, disease, and ignorance would dominate our foreign policy.
* Sex education, accessibility to contraception, self-esteem programs, and increased adoptions would lessen unwanted pregnancies and their terminations.
* Scapegoating would be eliminated.
* Immigration would not be an issue.
* Having a black or woman or Mormon president would not be a surprise.
* The poor would not be forgotten and homelessness would be avoided.
* There would be no exploitation, abuse, rape, torture, rendition, or execution.
* Addictions and syndromes could be honestly discussed and treated.
* Global warming would be avoided and green technologies funded.
* The environment and habitats would not be fouled.
* Science and technology would be welcome and humane.
* Animals would not be mistreated.
* Violence and crime would be unheard of.
* The media would have more good things to report.
* The Church would be no less diverse but much less divided.
* Discernment would replace discrimination.
* Love would replace hate.
* Understanding would replace prejudice.
* Dialogue would replace debate.
* Conversations would replace confrontations.
* We would work together to find solutions.
* As Gandhi urged, we would become the solutions we seek.


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  1. I believe churches judge to many people that don't give enough money then to teach God's word. And the church should take their own teaching of Faith and Believe in God that He will provide in abundance for the church to continue to worship God in His name. Amen

  2. We would recognize the Golden Rule and the Ethic of Reciprocity as practical workable principles, not meaningless platitudes, emphasizing the concepts of mutual rights and obligations contained therein.

  3. So I guess the Left is correct, we are NOT a christian nation.