Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Theory of Everything

Copyright © 2011 by Chris R. Glaser. All rights reserved.

One night I dreamed I was at a scientific conference explaining a theory of everything. I knew the answer, and on the podium in front of me were three reports that verified the scientific data that, integrated, revealed the theory. What I discovered in my dream was that, though I knew the answer, I could not explain it. Nor could I prove it.

The next morning I read in The New York Times that a scientific test may have revealed though not proven the existence of dark matter, as well as “the first evidence of a new feature of nature” that could bolster visions like string theory that could “unify all of the forces of nature into one mathematical expression”—in other words, a theory of everything! 

Dennis Overbye wrote, “A wide range of astrophysical and cosmological measurements have subsequently converged on an intimidating recipe for the cosmos of 4 percent atoms, 25 percent dark matter and 70 percent a mysterious energy that has been called dark energy and has nothing to do with” dark matter.

What that says to me is that we are only seeing with our eyes the manifestation of 4 percent of what’s here, the 4 percent of the universe that consists of atoms. We can’t see the 25 percent that is dark matter, or the 70 percent that is dark energy holding it all together.

Now this is a vision as wondrous, as amazing, as unbelievable as anything in scripture. Last week I wrote of visionaries, artists, poets, children, and mystics having the ability to see things “as if for the first time.” I wanted to add scientists and engineers as well, but then I began to see that all vocations, when inspired, could be listed. A teacher, for example, improves her ability to teach when discerning fresh ways for children to learn.

Jesus was a teacher like that. He taught Judaism in a fresh way so that even us Gentiles could get it! And his “theory of everything” was love.  


  1. This reminds me of the medieval mystical classic, "The Cloud of Unknowing", which has become the seminal text for the present Christian contemplative movement leading to the development of Centering Prayer.

  2. Wow! And if i can only 'see' 4%, what I really get to see is "my portion" of the billions of eyes:times, imagine how little i can really see!

    Pssst!: so why is it that I act of the universe, so important?

    Maybe that's the dark energy bit!